What is "ELITE" membership all about?


By Aisha Sequeira

updated 8 months ago

Need a Department? We Got You.

This membership is best for those who need their own marketing department in a "hands-off" approach for edits, designs, copywriting, research, and strategy...all in a flat-rate budget. Shelf-Ready "ELITE" membership focuses on AUTHORITY. 

It's versatile done-with-you support that includes management, preservation, and strategy to establish your brand’s authority as a marketplace leader. Your brand deserves more than a blind social media post here, a poorly designed Canvas banner there, and a random Facebook ad that only runs when you’re in the mood.

Think of your brand as a car that needs maintenance to run, a garage to preserve its image, and a map to get to the right place. ELITE is the entire care package.


  • Intentional Strategy – campaigns planned 30-days in advance
  • Content Creation – blog posts, social media, and funnels, oh my!
  • Ad Costs Excluded – a budget is required outside your ELITE plan
  • No Contract (3-Month Commitment is recommended for compounding results)

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