What is "Lite" membership all about?


By Aisha Sequeira

updated 8 months ago

Need a Designer? We Got You.

This membership is best for those who need eye-catching designs for print or web promotions. Shelf-Ready's "Lite" membership focuses on PRESERVATION.

Because practice doesn’t make perfect; it makes progress. In other words, the secret to gaining a foothold in your niche is consistency, and that can’t happen if you’ve been relying on a random troupe of Fiverr designers, each with their own style and skill level, to give you a fighting chance among competitors. Shelf-Ready Lite is for preserving your brand’s visual identity and scent/trail; it's for production tasks only.


  • A 2-3 Day Turnaround – copy must be provided
  • (1) Active Task – faster approvals mean more tasks available
  • Production Tasks Only – no branding, copywriting, or strategy work
  • Print/Digital or Website Edits Tasks Only – no audio or advanced video development

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