How can I reach you?


By Aisha Sequeira

updated 9 months ago

The best way to reach us is by email via chat. Please allow us 48 hours to get back to you, excluding weekends. Send all emails to our help desk at

There is also a yellow chat bubble on the bottom-right throughout our site. Click on it to instantly start a chat conversation that will convert to an email. Otherwise, we'll be in communication throughout the duration of the program.

As a reminder, please do not private message any of our team members via any social media platform. Your questions are important to us – it may get lost in our plethora of cat videos.

About "quick questions" via email...they are often multiplied by the "quick" questions of other clients which becomes incredibly disruptive to our workflow, timeline, and creativity. Please consider this by submitting emails with all your questions contained within.

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