What is Brand-Ready™ and who is it for?


By Aisha Sequeira

updated 9 months ago

The Brand-Ready Bootcamp is a rapid-fire weekend workshop for consumer-product business inventors or other physical product owners who need a new brand or rebrand strategy. This is strictly a 3-point foundational system centered around one pivotal workshop that will position your product to easily outmaneuver competitors.

Leading up to the workshop, you'll be given access to our BrandED Basic Training so you can learn the design management skills needed to steer your own team to success.

Once your brand plan is crafted after this workshop, you'll have the Excalibur needed to direct your high-end branding more quickly and more economically...things like your logo, website, copywriting, ads, and a Kickstarter video (if you want to assemble your own design team)...and even if that's through Fiverr or 99 Designs.

Provided that you've selected technically talented freelancers with the ability to take direction, hand them your Bootcamp video, Plan B Debrief, inspirational Brand Boards™, and watch the magic unfold with absolutely no thinking on your part – we did that for you!

Once key branding elements like your visual identity (logo/colors), verbal identity (copywriting), website), and packaging have been drafted, set up a Design Discussion™ check-in call for us to review the work of your freelancers.

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